Gerhard Flueckiger

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The painful ankle arthrodesis is an unsolved clinical problem. In many cases, transtibial amputation may be the best option for functional recovery. Recent reports of early success with second generation ankle implants show takedown of the problematic ankle fusion and conversion to total ankle arthroplasty may be an alternative to amputation. This study is(More)
Isolated lateral malleolar fractures usually result from a supination-external rotation (SER) injury and may include a deltoid ligament rupture. The necessity of operative treatment is based on the recognition of a relevant medial soft-tissue disruption. Currently used tests to assess ankle stability include manual stress radiographs and gravity stress(More)
OBJECTIVE Bony fusion between tibia and talus in neutral position of foot. Return to a pain-free function of the lower limb. INDICATIONS Extensive loss of articular cartilage accompanied by a painful and considerably limited motion with or without malalignment. Partial avascular necrosis of talar dome or distal tibial epiphysis. Neuroarthropathy (Charcot(More)
We evaluated the radiological pelvic diameter after the bernese periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) and its influence on the modality of birth. Out of 93 woman, 17 had a total of 28 babies after PAO; 18 children were delivered spontaneously and 10 by caesarean section. The rate of section (36 %) was twice as high after PAO as in a normal population. In 50 % the(More)
Voluntary hyperventilation for 20 mm causes haemoconcentration and an increase of white blood cell and thrombocyte numbers. In this study, we investigated whether these changes depend on the changes of blood gases or on the muscle work of breathing. A group of 12 healthy medical students breathed 36 l· min−1 of air, or air with 5% CO2 for a period of 20(More)
BACKGROUND There is inhomogeneous data about the hallucal extensor apparatus and the occurrence of accessory tendon slips and their function. We performed this study to clarify its anatomical features and make conclusions about its function. METHODS Investigations were performed prospectively during operative correction of severe hallux valgus and(More)
Nach Berner periazetabulärer Osteotomie (PAO) wurden am eigenen Krankengut die Geburtsmodalität untersucht und Messungen des knöchernen Geburtskanals durchgeführt. Von 93 Frauen, die mittels Fragebogen erreicht wurden, hatten 17 nach der PAO insgesamt 28 Kinder geboren; 18 Kinder wurden spontan und 10 Kinder per Sectio geboren. Die Sectiorate nach PAO war(More)