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Traumatic lesions near the superior margin of the brain frequently are caused by an anterior or posterior blow to the head. The injuries consist of disruptions of one or a few (with subdural bleeding) or of numerous or all (with instant death or immediate unconsciousness and later death because of simultaneous brain stem injuries) parasagittal bridging(More)
In 34 post-mortem examinations of car occupants wearing seat belts and killed in straight or oblique head-on collisions, a thorough investigation of the spine was performed. The autopsy results were correlated with the findings in the cars in order to reconstruct the events when the occupant's body struck the interior of the car. In 2 cases the victims had(More)
The efficacy of air bags in head-on collisions has been studied in 3 experiments with unembalmed cadavers on the impact sled. In one of the cases the impact produced no injuries; in the other injuries to the spine and the soft meninges in the region of the parasa-gittal bridging veins occured, and in the third, the bag which had been used once before,(More)
Mit der modifizierten Sulfid-Silber-Methode wird die Verteilung des Quecksilbers in Niere, Plexus choreoideus und Schilddrüse bei der Sublimatvergiftung untersucht. Nach den Ergebnissen bei intravenöser Injektion des Sublimats und kurzen Überlebenszeiten ist die Ausscheidung des Quecksilbers durch das Glomerulum wahrscheinlich. Außerdem gelangt Quecksilber(More)