Gerhard Deffner

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Within a late follow-up of our former anorectic patients 38 consented to an endocrine checkup in addition to clinical and sociopsychologic assessments. Univariate comparisons of still or again amenorrheic patients (n = 22) versus remenorrheic patients (n = 16) showed many significances. However, some of these variables intercorrelated substantially.(More)
34 consecutively admitted anorexia nervosa inpatients were studied for variables relevant for 'early' vs. 'late' amenorrhea and for probable remenorrhea after therapy. The subsample reporting 'early' amenorrhea, i.e. preceding weight loss (n = 11), was characterized by less 'anorexia-specific' psychological traits and more weight loss before admission and a(More)
Starting with a review of selected examples of empirical studies on the concept of alexithymia, this paper then presents a new perspective that helps to integrate these diverse results. Studies are grouped into two types: those employing instruments (questionnaires, ratings) that directly assess alexithymia, and experimental studies. Studies of the first(More)
Different types of errors during the various steps of Gottschalk-Gleser content analysis of speech samples are discussed. Several attempts have been made in the past to avoid error by using computer programs to categorize verbal material. Although these systems offer the advantage of increasing reliability to a maximum, validity is a problem. More recent(More)