Gerhard Bonse

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PF1022A belongs to a recently identified class of N-methylated cyclooctadepsipeptides (CODPs) with strong anthelmintic properties. Described here is the cell-free synthesis of this CODP and related structures, as well as the purification and enzymatic characterization of the responsible synthetase. For PF1022A synthesis extracts of Mycelia sterilia were(More)
The tetra- and mono-thionated cyclic octadepsipeptides represent novel cyclic octadepsipeptide derivatives with broad-spectrum activity against parasitic nematodes in mice and sheep. Some of these show better activity than the potent natural anthelmintic cyclic octadepsipeptide PF1022A against Hymenolepis nana, Heterakis spumosa and Trichinella spiralis(More)
New cyclohexadepsipeptides of the enniatin type with potential anthelmintic properties were produced by two different strategies: 1. In vitro synthesis by use of the multienzyme enniatin synthetase, and 2. in vivo precursor feeding of enniatin producing strains Fusarium scirpi and Fusarium sambucinum. The compounds were analyzed by HPLC, various NMR(More)
Zwischen der Wirkung der konventionellen Röntgenbestrahlung und der Bestrahlung mit dem Isotop Co 60 besteht in der Reaktion auf das lymphatische Gewebe kein qualitativer, höchstens ein quantitativer Unterschied. Die Regenerationsfähigkeit des lymphatischen Gewebes ist nach Co-60-Bestrahlung mit therapeutischen Dosen (gegeben wurden in der eigenen(More)