Gerhard Benetka

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Psychology has been a highly quantitative field since its conception as a science. However, a qualitative approach to psychological research has gained increasing importance in the last decades, and an enduring debate between quantitative and qualitative approaches has arisen. The recently developed Mixed Methods Research (MMR) addresses this debate by(More)
INTRODUCTION Shortage of donor organs is a serious problem for transplantation medicine. One controversial suggestion to increase the number of organ donors is financial incentives for consent. The aim of this study was to test whether different forms and amounts of financial incentives were apt to increase the consent to organ donation. MATERIALS AND(More)
Chronic pain is a subjective experience and has not only physical, but also psychological and social dimensions. In the present study, we sought to determine whether an effective pain reduction would improve mood, behavioral, and cognitive outcome measures in chronic pain patients. Four-hundred-seventy-seven patients entering pain therapy at our university(More)
The relationship between psychology and phenomenology is not one that is easily traceable (for a discussion on the difficulties of this see, e.g., Graumann 1991). One of the reasons for this opaque matter is that neither psychology nor phenomenology can be defined as one subject area. Both have developed over time with different persons representing varying(More)
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