Gerhard Banzhaf

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The technique of sliding flap advancement for the treatment of high anal fistulae is described. The technique is not suitable for cases with an acute abscess and is reserved for patients with a well-established chronic fistula track. Thirty patients with anal fistulae were treated by sliding flap advancement from 1980 to 1984. Twenty-nine patients had(More)
BACKGROUND Improvements in surgical techniques, advances in intensive care medicine and progress in the management of peritoneal sepsis have recently favoured colonic resection with primary anastomosis in the treatment of complicated diverticulitis. METHODS Some 224 patients with complicated diverticulitis who had undergone surgery in the preceding 22(More)
TM for zSeries " the capability to access storage devices using SCSI and FCP protocols, thus enabling it to make use of distributed storage. Leveraging the zSeries-unique virtualization approach for industry-standard storage devices as well, the zSeries FCP channel provides unique value in UNIX ® and Linux environments. This paper describes the major(More)
This paper describes a new kind of initial program loading (IPL) for IBM zSeries ᭨ servers. The new IPL protocol expands the set of input/output devices that can be used during IPL to include Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) Fibre Channel protocol (FCP) disk devices (SCSI disks). We begin by describing several new challenges resulting from the use of(More)
Formerly it was considered dangerous to undertake resection in the presence of colonic obstruction. This idea has been abandoned. Immediate right hemicolectomy is the accepted treatment for obstructed lesions of the right colon. For obstruction of the left colon proximal colostomy or caecostomy are being challenged by immediate resection as a Hartmann(More)
Clinical symptomatology, pathology and surgical management of five patients with gastric leiomyoblastoma are reported. Leiomyoblastomas of the gastrointestinal tract are defined as a group of tumors, which originate from the smooth muscle, and which have to be classified in between benign leiomyomas and malignant leiomyosarcomas. These tumors metastasize in(More)
From 1979-1982 a small series of 12 patients with obstruction from a carcinoma of the left colon underwent emergency abdominal colectomy with primary ileosigmoidostomy or ileorectostomy without diversion. The mortality and morbidity was favourable compared with those reported in series of similar cases treated by staged procedures or primary resection. This(More)
The complication of the infected Ivalon-sponge after rectopexy is described in five patients. In two patients the pelvic sepsis perforated spontaneously into the vagina and in another two patients the pelvic abscess perforated through the levator muscles into the ischio-rectal fossa formating a typical horse-shoe abscess in one case. The management of(More)