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Mitd ieserZ ielsetzung befassts iche ineR eihe vonF orschungsarbeiten, z.B.[ Br02, NR07, Fa07],die eine Klassifikationb estehender Testfälle alsw iederv erwendbare,n eu zu validierendeu nd zu verwerfendeu nterstützen. WeitereA nsätze, u.a. [CPU07, PUA06] befassens ichd arüber hinaus mitd er Generierungz usätzliche rforderlicher Testfälle,i ndem siem ittels(More)
ii iii I affirm that I have completed this work without any others help and without using any other than the specified sources and that the work has never been submitted in the same or similar form to any other examination board and has never been accepted as a part of an examination. All sentences or paragraph, which literally or analogous not from my own(More)
Reengineering of model-based test data generator UnITeD for advancing performance and quality of used heuristics Model based testing is the automatically generation of efficient test procedures in order to reduce the cost on test maintenance. UnITeD is a model based test generator, which was developed by AFRA GmbH and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.(More)
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