Gerhard-Anton Müller

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BACKGROUND The direct renin inhibitor aliskiren is known to exhibit a strong antihypertensive effect. However, the organoprotective potential of aliskiren beyond its antihypertensive properties is less clear. This study investigates the antifibrotic nephroprotective effects of aliskiren in a nonhypertensive mouse model for progressive renal fibrosis. (More)
Simple reaction times (RT) to clicks, flashes and numerical signals were measured in four groups of subjects: 21 patients with mild presenile onset dementia of the Alzheimer type (PDAT, mean age 56 years), 14 patients with chronic cardiovascular disease and incipient cognitive deficit (mean age 55 years), 15 healthy older controls (mean age 53 years) and 16(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of different sodium concentrations in replacement fluids on haematological variables and endurance performance during prolonged exercise. METHODS Thirteen female endurance athletes completed three four hour runs on a 400 m track. Environmental conditions differed between the three trials: 5.3 degrees C and snow (trial(More)
Adult male hooded rats of the Long-Evans strain were investigated before and after lesions of the ventral nucleus reticularis pontis oralis (vRPO) in an open field test (OF) and in a Y-maze. The OF and the neurological findings were scarcely changed. Startle responses were strongly reduced and also horizontal head and body turning in the OF were(More)
The process of Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN) is not restricted to the peripheral nerves, but also involves the central nervous system. In a 25 year old man with normal hair, abundant axon swellings and spheroids were observed in the spinal cord, brain system, and cerebral cortex. The findings in the sural nerve have already been published by Boltshauser et(More)
Smooth pursuit eye movements, saccades and eye blinks were electrooculographically recorded from 26 healthy subjects of different age and 35 patients with presumptive presenile onset dementia (mean age 54), who had to track a light spot which oscillated with different speeds. Older subjects (mean age 51) performed the eye tracking with less accuracy and(More)
Four groups of 8 adult male hooded rats of the Long-Evans strain were investigated before and after lesions of the dorsal or the ventral subdivisions of the caudal pontine reticular nucleus (RPC) in an open field test (OF) and in a neurological test program. After dorsal (d) RPC lesions all labyrinthine reflexes were extremely slowed, tactile and visual(More)
The clinical diagnosis of organic brain syndromes (especially of primary degenerative dementia) in their early stages is uncertain or only tentative. We used a set of relatively simple tests to support the hypothesis that the disturbance of several operational brain functions precedes memory decline in primary degenerative dementia. Twenty-one patients with(More)
Stapedius reflex level, slow auditory evoked potential (AEP), and hearing threshold level of 18 normal adult probands (11 female, 7 male) as well as of 14 normal hearing cerebral palsied children between 4 and 12 years of age (5 female, 9 males)--were determined in different postures which correspond to the influence of tonic reflex activities in supine and(More)
Possible influences of tonic reflex activities on the slow auditory evoked potential were investigated. For this purpose, the slow auditory evoked potential was picked up in 18 volunteers with normal hearing in relaxed position and in postures corresponding to reflex-induced positions and in 15 patients with cerebral palsy (CP) in tonic reflex patterns. No(More)