Gergely Lakatos

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A microalgal biomass offers a potential alternative to the maize silage commonly used in biogas technology. In this study, photoautotrophically grown Scenedesmus obliquus was used as biogas substrate. This microalga has a low C/N ratio of 8.5 relative to the optimum 20-30. A significant increase in the ammonium ion content was not observed. The methane(More)
NADPH oxidase of the phagocytic cells (Nox2) transfers electrons from cytosolic NADPH to molecular oxygen in the extracellular or intraphagosomal space. The produced superoxide anion (O2 ·−) provides the source for formation of all toxic oxygen derivatives, but continuous O2 ·− generation depends on adequate charge compensation. The vital role of Nox2 in(More)
Neosartorya fischeri NRRL 181 isolate secretes a defensin-like antifungal protein (NFAP) which has a remarkable antifungal effect against ascomycetous filamentous fungi. This protein is a promising antifungal agent of biotechnological value; however in spite of the available knowledge of the nature of its 5'-upstream transcriptional regulation elements, the(More)
BACKGROUND The growing concern regarding the use of agricultural land for the production of biomass for food/feed or energy is dictating the search for alternative biomass sources. Photosynthetic microorganisms grown on marginal or deserted land present a promising alternative to the cultivation of energy plants and thereby may dampen the 'food or fuel'(More)
The classification according to the Water Framework Directive (WFD) includes numerous challenges in contrast with the previously applied water qualification standards. The most important element of the ecological status, the biological one, is based on five groups of living organisms: phytoplankton, phytobenthon, macrophytes, macro-invertebrates and fish.(More)
The steadily increase of global energy requirements has brought about a general agreement on the need for novel renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources and carriers. Among the alternatives to a fossil fuel-based economy, hydrogen gas is considered a game-changer. Certain methods of hydrogen production can utilize various low-priced industrial(More)
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