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Robot-aided care for handicapped and elderly people is expected to be a key factor in future building automation. Teams of specialized service robots shall assist autonomously in tasks of everyday life. To fulfill the demands of this application field, robotic design has to face new challenges in behavioral design. In this paper a new approach for a general(More)
At the Technical University of Budapest within the scope of a project supported by the Hungarian Research Fund (OTKA, grant No. T029072) an experimental robot control system has been developed. Last year a new component, a six-axis force/torque sensor and the related control unit were added to the system, allowing to implement the hybrid position and force(More)
Bronchoaspiration results in local deterioration of lung function through direct damage and/or indirect systemic effects related to neurohumoral pathways. We distinguished these effects by selectively intubating the two main bronchi in pigs while a PEEP of 4 or 10cm H2O was maintained. Gastric juice was instilled only into the right lung. Lung mechanical(More)
BACKGROUND Several epidemiological and laboratory studies have evidenced the fact that atmospheric particulate matter (PM) increases the risk of respiratory morbidity. It is well known that the smallest fraction of PM (PM1 - particulate matter having a diameter below 1 μm) penetrates the deepest into the airways. The ratio of the different size fractions in(More)
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