Gergely Gati

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We address the problem of coordinating the activities of a team of agents in a dynamic, uncertain, nonlinear environment. Bounded rationality, bounded communication, subjectivity and distribution make it extremely challenging to find effective strategies. In these domains it is difficult to accurately predict whether potential policy modifications will lead(More)
In this work, we address the problem of coordinating the distributed execution of plans and schedules by multiple agents subject to a number of different execution uncertainties. The coordination of multi-agent teams in uncertain, dynamic domains is a challenging problem requiring the fusion of techniques from many disciplines. We describe an approach based(More)
Our Criticality-Sensitive Coordination (CSC) agents are designed to enhance the performance of a human-team working together in uncertain and dynamic settings by monitoring and adapting their plans as dictated by the evolution of the environment. Such situations model military scenarios such as a coordinated joint operations or enterprise settings such as(More)
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