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Production of biofuels, limonene and pectin from citrus wastes.
Production of ethanol, biogas, pectin and limonene from citrus wastes (CWs) by an integrated process was investigated. CWs were hydrolyzed by dilute-acid process in a pilot plant reactor equippedExpand
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Biogas Production from Citrus Wastes and Chicken Feather : Pretreatment and Co-digestion
Anaerobic digestion is a sustainable and economically feasible waste management technology, which lowers the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs), decreases the soil and water pollution, and reducesExpand
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Methane production from citrus wastes: process development and cost estimation
Abstract Lignocellulosic biomass can be utilized to produce ethanol, a promising alternative energy source for the limited crude oil. There are mainly two processes involved in the conversion:Expand
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Biological treatment of chicken feather waste for improved biogas production.
A two-stage system was developed which combines the biological degradation of keratin-rich waste with the production of biogas. Chicken feather waste was treated biologically with a recombinantExpand
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Pretreatment of Chicken Feather Waste for Improved Biogas Production
This study deals with the utilization of chicken feather waste as a substrate for anaerobic digestion and improving biogas production by degradation of the compact structure of the feather keratin.Expand
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Methane Production from Feather Waste Pretreated with Ca(OH)2: Process Development and Economical Analysis
This study investigated the industrial application of feather waste as a substrate for anaerobic digestion. Feather was pretreated with 0–0.2 Ca(OH)2 g/g TSfeather (total solids of feathers) forExpand
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Biogas from Lignocellulosic Materials
Methane production via anaerobic digestion is a steadily growing industry in Europe and all over the world. Biomethane reduces the demand for fossil fuels, since it can be used for the production ofExpand
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Techno-economic study of NMMO pretreatment and biogas production from forest residues
Biogas is nowadays getting more attention as a means for converting wastes and lignocelluloses to green fuels for cars and electricity production. The process of biogas production fromExpand
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Enhanced methane production from wool textile residues by thermal and enzymatic pretreatment
Methane production from two types of wool textile wastes (TW1 and TW2) was investigated. To improve the digestibility of these textiles, different pretreatments were applied, and comprised thermalExpand
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