Gergely FODOR

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Robot-aided care for handicapped and elderly people is expected to be a key factor in future building automation. Teams of specialized service robots shall assist autonomously in tasks of everyday life. To fulfill the demands of this application field, robotic design has to face new challenges in behavioral design. In this paper a new approach for a general(More)
  • J. Grünberger, L. Linzmayer, G. Fodor, O. Presslich, M. Praitner, N. Loimer
  • 1990
In order to assess the course of methadone (Heptadone) substitution therapy, 29 inpatients at the Vienna Psychiatric University Clinic (21 males, mean age=27 years, SD 4 years; 8 females, mean age 29.75 years, SD 5.28 years) who were addicted to opium tea or to a mixture of opium and heroin were investigated by means of computer-assisted “static”- and(More)
—We consider the problem of joint power control, signal-to-noise-and-interference-ratio (SINR) target setting, mode selection and resource allocation for cellular network assisted device-to-device (D2D) communications. This problem is important for fourth generation systems, such as the release under study of the Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) system(More)
At the Technical University of Budapest within the scope of a project supported by the Hungarian Research Fund (OTKA, grant No. T029072) an experimental robot control system has been developed. Last year a new component, a six-axis force/torque sensor and the related control unit were added to the system, allowing to implement the hybrid position and force(More)
An experimental and computational protocol was established for the simultaneous determination of several key gasoline properties from a single Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrum. The study has shown that midband FT-IR spectroscopy combined with multivariate calibration analysis is a versatile, efficient, and accurate technique for the simultaneous(More)
  • G. Malorny, G. Fodor, H. Pomp
  • 2004
Protamin durch und besetzt damit die zur Bindung bef~higten Pl~tze, so wird das anschliel~end perfundierte radioaktive Protamin in vermindertern Umfange festgehalten. Perfundiert man zuerst Polyphosphat, so wird anschlieBend gegebenes Protamin vermehrt gebunden. Das elektronegative hochmolekulare P P stellt zus~tzliche Reeeptoren fiir die Fixation yon(More)
Les auteurs ont étudié l'effet hépatoprotecteur du sélénite de sodium administré en doses de 1 γ/100 g du poids corporel, avant, pendant et après l'intoxication de rats avec du tétrachloride de carbone. Ils en ont conclu que, suivant un critère anatomo-pathologique, l'effet antitoxique du sélénite de sodium est de protéger le parenchime hépatique contre(More)