Gereon Schüller

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Acetic acid bacteria have been isolated from submerged high-acid spirit vinegar fermentations in the Southern part of Germany. Four strains (LTH 4560T, LTH 4341, LTH 4551 and LTH 4637) were characterized in more detail and it was revealed that they have in common certain properties such as requirement of acetic acid, ethanol and glucose for growth, and no(More)
In this paper we show the usefulness and feasibility of applying conventional SQL queries for analyzing a wide spectrum of data streams. As application area we have chosen the analysis of stock market data, mainly because this kind of application exhibits sufficiently many of those characteristics for which relational query technology can be considered a(More)
In this paper, we present the "Airspace Monitoring System" (AIMS) for monitoring and analyzing flight data streams with respect to the occurrence of arbitrary complex events. In contrast to already existing tools which often focus on a single task like flight delay detection, we want to provide a more general system that allows for a comprehensive analysis(More)
The evaluation of continuous queries over data streams often becomes difficult as soon as static context data must be combined with dynamic stream data. This is especially the case if the context data is organized in form of view hierarchies and thus computed from some base facts. In this scenario, typical algebraic optimization strategies fail in providing(More)
In moving object databases, many authors assume that number and position of objects to be processed are always known in advance. Detecting an unknown moving object and pursuing its movement, however, is usually left to tracking algorithms outside the database in which the sensor data needed is actually stored. In this paper we present a solution to the(More)
The paradigm of reactive programming has attained more and more interest in recent time. In this paper, we show why reactive programming is a well-suited paradigm for sensor fusion algorithms. As a new contribution, we show how the efficiency of stream-oriented reactive programs can be enhanced by applying the magic update method that originally stems from(More)
The “AIrspace Monitoring System” (AIMS) analyzes flight data streams with respect to the occurrence of freely definable complex events considered critical or at least relevant by its users. In contrast to already existing tools which often focus on a single task like flight delay detection, AIMS represents a general approach to a comprehensive(More)
Trackers for Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) radar have to be benchmarked in order to yield good results. For many benchmarking purposes, the usage of real data may become expensive and in-feasible. It may also lack of knowledge of the ground truth. Simulating GMTI situations is a less-expensive alternative to real measurements. In order to get a(More)