Gereon Müller

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Adult male hooded rats of the Long-Evans strain were investigated before and after lesions of the ventral nucleus reticularis pontis oralis (vRPO) in an open field test (OF) and in a Y-maze. The OF and the neurological findings were scarcely changed. Startle responses were strongly reduced and also horizontal head and body turning in the OF were(More)
The process of Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN) is not restricted to the peripheral nerves, but also involves the central nervous system. In a 25 year old man with normal hair, abundant axon swellings and spheroids were observed in the spinal cord, brain system, and cerebral cortex. The findings in the sural nerve have already been published by Boltshauser et(More)
Smooth pursuit eye movements, saccades and eye blinks were electrooculographically recorded from 26 healthy subjects of different age and 35 patients with presumptive presenile onset dementia (mean age 54), who had to track a light spot which oscillated with different speeds. Older subjects (mean age 51) performed the eye tracking with less accuracy and(More)
Neuropsychological research investigating mental grammar and lexicon has largely been based on the processing of regular and irregular inflection. Past tense inflection of regular verbs is assumed to be generated by a syntactic rule (e.g., show-ed), whereas irregular verbs consist of rather unsystematic alternations (e.g., caught) represented as lexical(More)
Tactile pattern recognition of ten different patterns which were engraved upon 4 x 4 cm plastic plaquettes with one hand and thereafter drawing with the other or the same hand was tested in 21 patients with a mild stage primary degenerative presenile onset dementia of Alzheimer type (DAT) and in 14 patients with a questionable dementia on the background of(More)
The length of upper and lower incisors of Long-Evans hooded rats between gingiva and top were measured before and after small bilateral symmetric electrolytic lesions of the pontine reticular formation between the ventromedial parabrachial nucleus and the motor trigeminal nucleus. Ten days after lesions of this region 8.5 mm posterior to bregma the length(More)
Male hooded rats of the Long-Evans strain were investigated in an open field (OF), in an Y-maze and in a pole-climbing (jump) test before and after small bilateral symmetric lesions of the dorsomedial pontine reticular formation, medial from the locus coeruleus including lateral parts of the central gray. Postoperative values of ambulatory activity were(More)