Gerda Fischer

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We present results on the jet structure observed in multihadronic events produced by e+eannihilation in the Mark I magnetic detector at SPEAR. The evidence for jet structure and the jet axis angular di.stribution are reported. We give inclusive distributions of the hadrons in Feynman x, rapidity, and transverse momentum relative to the jet axis.
Non-trivial spin arrangements in magnetic materials give rise to the topological Hall effect observed in compounds with a non-centrosymmetric cubic structure hosting a skyrmion lattice, in double-exchange ferromagnets and magnetically frustrated systems. The topological Hall effect has been proposed to appear also in presence of non-coplanar spin(More)
The anomalous Hall effect (AHE), which in long-range ordered ferromagnets appears as a voltage transverse to the current and usually is proportional to the magnetization, often is believed to be of negligible size in antiferromagnets due to their low uniform magnetization. However, recent experiments and theory have demonstrated that certain(More)
Currently we are constructing the Final Focus Test Beam (Fm), a 300m final focus beam line extending from the end of the SLAC central beam. Quadrupole placement tolerances between FFTB quadrupoles is set at less than 30 micrometers. The alignment problem is three fold; we need (1) a straight line reference which is accurate to within 10 pm over 35 m (2) a(More)
By reacting 1-aminoethylammonium (H2NCH2CH2NH3+ = enH+) salts of [Sn2E6]4- anions (E = S, Se), [enH]4[Sn2S6] (1) and [enH]4[Sn2Se6] x en (2), with FeCl2/LiCp, three novel (partly) oxidized, Cp* ligated iron chalcogenide clusters were synthesized. Two of them, [(CpFe)3(mu3-S)2] (3) and [(Cp*Fe)3(mu3-Se)2] (4), contain formally 47 valence electrons.(More)
Principle Investigators: Hilbert v. Löhneysen, Christoph Sürgers, Regina Hoffmann CFN-Financed Scientists: Timofey Balashov (1/2 BAT IIa, 3 months), B. Gopalakrishnan (3/4 BAT IIa, 6 months), Daniel Kaufmann (1/2 BAT IIa, 2 months), Markus Sauter (3/4 BAT IIa, 16 months), Richard Montbrun (38,6% BAT IIa, 44 months), Marc Müller (1/2 BAT IIa, 24 months)(More)
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