Gerda Buchberger

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Moisture-harvesting lizards such as the Texas horned lizard (Iguanidae: Phrynosoma cornutum) live in arid regions. Special skin adaptations enable them to access water sources such as moist sand and dew: their skin is capable of collecting and transporting water directionally by means of a capillary system between the scales. This fluid transport is(More)
Nature has always served as an inspiration for scientists, helping them to solve a large diversity of technical problems. In our case, we are interested in the directional transport of oily liquids and as a model for this application we used the flat bug Dysodius lunatus. In this report, we present arrays of drops looking like polymer microstructures(More)
The relevance of additional findings was examined in 50 patients in whom multiple sclerosis had been diagnosed. Magnetic resonance (MR) technique revealed morphological changes in 49 patients (688 foci), whereas CT scan visualised foci with modified enhancement in 35 patients only (133 foci) (70%). Oligoclonal antibodies were found in the CSF of 96% of the(More)
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