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The emergence and widespread adoption of the World Wide Web offers a great deal of potential in supporting cross-platform cooperative work within widely-dispersed working groups. The Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW) project at GMD is attempting to realise this potential through development of Web-based tools which provide cross-platform(More)
The World Wide Web is increasingly seen as an attractive technology for the deployment and evaluation of groupware. However the underlying architecture of the Web is inherently stateless-best supporting asynchronous types of cooperation. This paper presents a toolkit for application developers, MetaWeb, which augments the Web with basic features which(More)
We describe a simple and powerful tool for the management of distributed work: the Task Manager. Common tasks may be shared and manipulated independently by a number of people. They are represented as shared to-do lists at the user interface. With the help of the tool, users may organize cooperative tasks, monitor their progress, share documents and(More)
Knowledge workers need to communicate and access knowledge while they work alone, in groups, sitting in their offices or on the move. This paper presents the MILK project, which aims at providing a knowledge management solution for these real-world needs. MILK is a novel knowledge management solution based on document archives and search engines, and(More)