Gerd Tillmann

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In vivo there appears to be a marked association between oestrogen levels and the expression of the oxytocin (OT) gene in most tissues. Transfection and DNA-protein binding experiments using high levels of either oestrogen receptor (ER)alpha or ERbeta imply a direct interaction of these transcription factors with the multiple hormone response element (HRE)(More)
The bovine gene for the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) was cloned and sequenced, including 2 kb of the upstream control region of the gene. The gene comprises seven exons arranged similarly to those of the human and mouse gene sequences. The sequence analysis identified three cis elements corresponding to the binding motif for the(More)
cDNAs coding for bovine estrogen receptor beta (ERbeta) isoforms were cloned from bovine granulosa cells using a combination of several RT-PCR strategies. The cloned full-length receptor contains an open reading frame of 474 amino acids encoding a protein with high homology to the ERbeta sequences from other species. A second isoform nearly totally lacking(More)
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