Gerd Schmalz

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In the present paper we suggest an explicit construction of a Cartan connection for an elliptic or hyperbolic CR manifold M of dimension six and codimension two, i.e. a pair (P, ω), consisting of a principal bundle π : P → M over M and of a Cartan connection form ω over P , satisfying the following property: the (local) CR transformations f : M → M are in(More)
It is shown that in a broad class of linear systems, including general linear shift-invariant systems, the spatial resolution and the noise satisfy a duality relationship, resembling the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics. The product of the spatial resolution and the standard deviation of output noise in such systems represents a type of(More)
Abstract. The main result of the paper is the following generalization of Forelli’s theorem [F]: Suppose F is a holomorphic vector field with singular point at p, such that F is linearizable at p and the matrix is diagonalizable with the eigenvalues whose ratios are positive reals. Then any function φ that has an asymptotic Taylor expansion at p and is(More)
We generalise the notion of contact manifold by allowing the contact distribution to have codimension two. There are special features in dimension six. In particular, we show that the complex structure on a three-dimensional complex contact manifold is determined solely by the underlying contact distribution.
There are only some exceptional CR dimensions and codimensions such that the geometries enjoy a discrete classification of the pointwise types of the homogeneous models. The cases of CR dimensions n and codimensions n are among the very few possibilities of the so called parabolic geometries. Indeed, the homogeneous model turns out to be PSU(n+1, n)/P with(More)