Gerd Maderlechner

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This paper presents our work in the field of logo and word recognition. The approach is based on a general theory for signal registration and thus applicable to a broad variety of signal processing domains. It has been fruitfully applied to solve speech and handwriting recognition as well as tasks in the field of document analysis.
This paper describes an approach to attention based layout segmentation using general principles of the human visual perception to achieve this goal. The text is considered as texture in different resolution levels. A new measure of attractiveness is introduced. The segmentation is generic and not limited to specific document classes and models. The(More)
An experimental reflection ultrasound computer tomography (UCT) system is presented for in vitro examination of test objects and excised organs. The computer-assisted reconstruction of digitally stored conventional B-ultrasound scans to a compound scan yields considerably better images than the single scan. It could be demonstrated that the spatial(More)
Introduction The attention of a human reader and the reading speed strongly depends on the layout of a document The term layout is used for the geometrical arrangement of document components (i.e. text, graphics and figures) on the page as well as for the typographic features of the text (i.e. font type, style, size, alignment and line spacing). Although(More)