Gerd Klose

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We trap neutral Cs atoms in a two-dimensional optical lattice and cool them close to the zero point of motion by resolved-sideband Raman cooling. Sideband cooling occurs via transitions between the vibrational manifolds associated with a pair of magnetic sublevels, and the required Raman coupling is provided by the lattice potential itself. We obtain mean(More)
PURPOSE Peripheral cone dystrophy is a subgroup of cone dystrophy, and only 4 cases have been reported. We present a patient with unilateral peripheral cone dysfunction and report the functional changes determined by electrophysiological tests and ultrastructural changes determined by spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). CASE A(More)
We demonstrate a general method to measure the quantum state of an angular momentum of arbitrary magnitude. The (2F+1)x(2F+1) density matrix is completely determined from a set of Stern-Gerlach measurements with (4F+1) different orientations of the quantization axis. We implement the protocol for laser cooled Cesium atoms in the 6S(1/2)(F = 4) hyperfine(More)
Neutral atoms offer a promising platform for single-and many-body quantum control, as required for quantum information processing. This includes excellent isolation from the decohering influence of the environment, and the existence of well developed techniques for atom trapping and coherent manipulation. We present a review of our work to implement quantum(More)
Plasma lipid concentration and post-heparin lipolytic activity in twenty-two epileptic children treated either with phenobarbitone or sodium valproate were evaluated. An increase of phospholipid was observed in whole blood as well as in the low-density nd high-density lipoproteins in patients undergoing phenobarbitone treatment. No change was found in(More)
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