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Functional characterization studies revealed that transcriptional activity of the human monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) gene is modulated by a polymorphic repetitive sequence located approximately 1.2 kb upstream of the ATG codon. To investigate the possible influence of the allelic variants of the MAOA gene-linked polymorphic region (MAOA-LPR) on the genetic(More)
A review of neurochemical research on classical neurotransmitters, i.e. acetylcholine, serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine, glutamate, and GABA in Alzheimer's disease is presented. Findings are linked to the information processing system of the human brain to establish a more functional neurochemistry. On this basis, different pharmacotherapeutic strategies(More)
This study investigates the role of endogenous opioids in the regulation of pain in humans. Two groups of healthy volunteers were subjected to different stress situations (cold pressor and arithmetic). In a double-blind design the changes in pain tolerance after stress were measured after an injection of either 0.8 mg naloxone or placebo. The cold pressor(More)
The peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor (pBZD-R; also called the omega-3 receptor or the mitochondrial benzodiazepine receptor) seems to play a critical role in the production of neurosteroids, which are able to alter the electrical properties of neuronal membranes and thus the firing patterns of neurons. Putative endogenous ligands are the(More)
A possible dysregulation of dopaminergic neurotransmission has been implicated in the aetiology of schizophrenic psychoses, in particular of paranoid-hallucinatory states, and of the manic episodes of bipolar affective disorder. In the present study we analysed allelic and genotypic variations of a recently described functional deletion/insertion variant(More)
The 5'-flanking region of the human dopamine transporter (hDAT) was systematically screened for variants by single strand conformation analysis (SSCA) between -1586 and +97 basepair (bp) relative to the transcription start site. Five diallelic polymorphisms were found, which were shown to be due to single base substitutions: T-67A, G-660C, C-839T, C-1169G,(More)
The antidepressant effect of amitriptyline was studied in 28 endogenous depressive patients. They received 150 mg amitriptyline once nightly in a sustained release form for 4 weeks. Blood samples were drawn 12 hrs. after medication. Amitriptyline concentrations were between 35--300 ng/ml Nortriptyline concentrations were between 20--330 ng/ml. No(More)
Eleven healthy volunteers were examined in a pharmacokinetic study. After oral administration of 50 mg amitriptylinoxide or 50 mg amitriptyline the plasma levels of amitriptylinoxide and its main metabolites amitriptyline and nortriptyline were investigated over 24 hours. The results indicate that amitriptylinoxide is more rapidly absorbed than(More)
A possible dysregulation of serotonergic neurotransmission has been implicated in the aetiology of schizophrenic psychoses. In the present study we analysed allelic and genotypic variations of a recently described functional polymorphic region in the promoter of the human serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR) and a variable tandem repeat (VNTR) in intron 2(More)