Gerd Höfner

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Increasingly software product development is being globally distributed. Earlier research has discussed the challenges of global software development and practices to mitigate them. We describe a generic framework for establishing offshore development centers that is based on good practices to overcome these challenges. We share our successful experience in(More)
India is a preferred location for global software development. To be successful in India over the long run, captive units of multinational corporations (MNCs) need to overcome several challenges. For example, they must be able to attract and retain talent and attain a critical mass in terms of team size. A captive unit must also continually get work that(More)
Global in-house development centers of multinational companies (MNCs) typically develop products and work on R&D projects. The ability to attract and more importantly retain talented employees is a critical success factor for these centers. In India, this is a challenge as the market for software engineering talent is characterized by high attrition(More)
Software-driven industries are advancing in five dimensions: collaboration, comprehension, connectivity, cloud, and convergence. However, companies often can get stuck in an overly narrow technology focus. To avoid this, they should connect architecture and functionality, master the entire software development life cycle, strengthen globally distributed(More)
Global in-house software development centers of multinational companies in India need to grow to continue attracting talent. For mature centers, to grow sustainably is a challenge, because it involves these centers steadily taking on global roles for product lifecycle activities. A precondition for this is creating within team members a global mindset(More)
Siemens Information Systems Ltd. (SISL) ist das Systemund Softwarehaus von Siemens in Indien mit einem Schwerpunkt auf Software Offshore Development. Um sicherzustellen, dass die Herausforderungen beim Aufbau eines Offshore Development Centers gemeistert werden, wurde bei SISL eine systematische Vorgehensweise entwickelt, die zusammen mit den(More)
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