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In this paper we present an application of optical metrology and image processing to oral and max-illofacial surgery. Our goal is to support the surgeon intraoperatively during the repair of a displacement of the globe of the eye. To date, the surgeon has to evaluate his operation result solely by visual judgement. Our idea is to provide the surgeon(More)
We present a new method to measure specular free-form surfaces within seconds. We call the measuring principle 'Phase Measuring Deflectometry' (PMD). With a stereo based enhancement of PMD we are able to measure both the height and the slope of the surface. The basic principle is to project sinusoidal fringe patterns onto a screen located remotely from the(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to analyze the reliability of a landmark-independent method for determining the facial symmetry plane and degree of asymmetry based on three-dimensional data from the facial surface from two sets of recordings, one performed consecutively and one performed on different days. MATERIALS AND METHODS We used an(More)
One of the main objectives of scientific work is the analysis of complex phenomena in order to reveal the underlying structures and to explain them by means of elementary rules which are easily understood. In this paper we study how the well-known process of triangle mesh subdivision can be expressed in terms of the simplest mesh modification , namely the(More)
Subdivision schemes are commonly used to obtain dense or smooth data representations from sparse discrete data. E. g., B-splines are smooth curves or surfaces that can be constructed by infinite subdivision of a polyline or polygon mesh of control points. New vertices are computed by linear combinations of the initial control points. We present a new(More)
Nicotine perfused through the coronary circulation of the isolated atropinized cat heart elicits antidromic activity in the cardiac sympathetic nerves. The pattern of discharge varies in a complex fashion with dose. At low concentrations, activity may last up to 10 min, whereas at high doses the antidromic response may last only a few seconds. Sympathetic(More)
We present a generalized method for reconstructing the shape of an object from measured gradient data. A certain class of optical sensors does not measure the shape of an object but rather its local slope. These sensors display several advantages, including high information efficiency, sensitivity, and robustness. For many applications, however, it is(More)