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Minimal Assumption Derivation of a Bell-type Inequality
John Bell showed that a big class of local hidden-variable models stands in conflict with quantum mechanics and experiment. Recently, there were suggestions that empirically adequate hidden-variableExpand
The History of Ptolemy’s Star Catalogue
Contents: Introduction.- The Stars of the Almagest.- Accusations.- The Rehabilitation of Ptolemy.- The Analysis of the Star Catalogue.- Structures in Ptolemy's Star Catalogue.- Theory andExpand
Statistical methods of automatic spectral classification and their application to the Hamburg/ESO survey
We employ classical statistical methods of multivariate classification for the exploitation of the stellar content of the Hamburg/ESO objective prism survey (HES). In a simulation study weExpand
Theory and Observation
The debate over the origin of the Ptolemaic star catalogue was accompanied by a moralistic evaluation of its genesis. After the accusing faction had offered their evidence for the Hipparchan originExpand
Modelling the astrophysical object SS433 : methodology of model construction by a research collective
Dans le cadre du colloque sur le theme modele, theorie et desunite en physique qui s'est tenu a Berlin les 5-7 juin 1996, sous l'egide du College scientifique et de l'Universite technique de Berlin,Expand
Decoding the Pantheon Columns
The goal of this study has been to reconstruct the design principles underlying the construction of the Pantheon’s portico columns as well as to demonstrate how digital investigation methods andExpand
Hertz's philosophy of nature in Wittgenstein's tractatus
By many remarks in his writings and to his friends Wittgenstein expressed his high esteem of Heinrich Hertz. During his second period in Cambridge in 1931 Wittgenstein jotted into his notebookExpand