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The present study was designed to determine the effect of sucrose-containing liquids upon postprandial pancreatic endocrine function in comparison to an identical quantity of sucrose contained in the solid part of the test meal. In 10 normal subjects, the ingestion of a solid-liquid meal with sucrose in the liquid part elicited a significantly greater(More)
Previous studies have indicated a possible influence of gastric emptying on postprandial pancreatic endocrine function and the present study was designed to determine if the rate at which nutrients enter the small intestine may play a role in the postprandial regulation of insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and gastrin release in conscious dogs. In response to(More)
PURPOSE To report a novel complication of a hybrid "frozen elephant trunk" endograft used in the treatment of a multisegmentally diseased aorta. CASE REPORT A 53-year-old man with chronic type A aortic dissection and previous replacement of the supracoronary ascending aorta underwent a "frozen elephant trunk" procedure using a hybrid endograft. The(More)
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