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We present two complementary methods for the stereoselective synthesis of non-natural alpha-amino acids with aromatic or heteroaromatic side chains. One approach is based on the chemical transformation of methionine, whereas the other applies the stereoselective Myers alkylation of glycine. The resulting product types differ in the linker length between(More)
In a lot of cases active biomolecules are complexes of higher order, thus methods capable of counting the number of building blocks and elucidating their geometric arrangement are needed. Therefore, we experimentally validate here spin-counting via 4-pulse electron-electron double resonance (PELDOR) on well-defined test samples. Two biradicals, a symmetric(More)
The chiral bisamidine 5 has been prepared in just two steps from malonodinitrile. In the monocationic form this compound adopts a planar conformation with an almost convergent orientation of two N-H groups. Ketones, aldehydes, and nitro compounds are assumed to bind to this strongly polar cleft via hydrogen bonds, resulting in a Lewis-acid-like activation(More)
Phosphoric acid diesters form anions at neutral pH. As a result of charge repulsion they are notoriously resistant to hydrolysis. Nucleophilic attack, however, can be promoted by different types of electrophilic catalysts that bind to the anions and reduce their negative charge density. Although in most cases phosphodiester-cleaving enzymes and synthetic(More)
C(2)-symmetric bisamidines 8 have been tested as chiral Brønsted bases in the Diels-Alder reaction of anthrones and N-substituted maleimides. High yields of cycloadducts and significant asymmetric inductions up to 76% ee are accessible. The proposed mechanism involves proton transfer between anthrone and bisamidine, association of the resulting ions and(More)
A mild synthetic method for N-formyl-Met-Leu-Phe-OH (1) is described. After Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis, on-bead formylation and HPLC purification, more than 30 mg of the fully (13)C/(15)N-labelled tripeptide 1 could be isolated in a typical batch. This peptide can be easily crystallised and is therefore well suited as a standard sample for setting(More)
Non-natural amino acids with aromatic or heteroaromatic side chains were incorporated into tripeptides of the general structure Arg-X-Arg and tested as ligands of the HIV RNA element TAR. Some of these compounds could compete efficiently with the association of TAR and Tat and downregulated a TAR-controlled reporter gene in HeLa cells. Peptide 7, which(More)
Starting from Dane's diene and methylcyclopentenedione, (+)-estrone is synthesized along the Quinkert-Dane route in 24% total yield. The key step is an enantioselective Diels-Alder reaction promoted by an amidinium catalyst as efficiently as by a traditional Ti-TADDOLate Lewis acid.
Bis(guanidinium)alcohols have been designed to react with phosphodiester substrates in a fast transphosphorylation step, a quasi-intramolecular process taking place in contact ion pairs. Here the attachment of such compounds to Dervan-type hairpin polyamides is described. The resulting conjugate 1 binds to AT-rich DNA duplexes with affinity similar to that(More)
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