Gerd Busse

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Conventional air-coupled ultrasound (ACU) is a well-established tool for acoustic NDT and material characterization. Its major shortcoming is concerned with a week penetration into solid materials due to a severe impedance mismatch at the air-solid interface. A dramatic rise in acoustic coupling is obtained by using acoustic mode conversion into plate and(More)
s – QIRT 2002 1 QIRT’2002: Quantitative InfraRed Thermography 6 ~ Abstracts ~ edited by D. Balageas, G. Busse, G.M. Carlomagno and S. Švaić Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 24-27, 2002 Organized by: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Crotia IR Thermography Applied to Historical Buildings by E. Grinzato CNR-ITC,
When material is subjected to an intense load its stiffness changes due to elastic nonlinearity. This effect is especially pronounced in damaged materials so that nonlinearity can be used as an indication of incipient damage. Under dynamic load, mechanical constraint between the fragments of planar defects provides gigantic nonlinearity in finite-amplitude(More)
Out of 222 parotid tumours treated by surgery 22 (10%) proved to be cystadenolymphoma papilliferum. The tumour was found predominantly in men over fifty, tended to grow rapidly often causing pain. Suspicion of papilliferous cystadenolymphoma (a parotid tumour in older men) must be confirmed by early operation. The surgical procedure for cystadenolymphoma is(More)
Conventional shearography and Electronic-Speckle-PatternInterferometry (ESPI) are being used for remote deformation measurements. However, for non-destructive testing, only the changes in the deformation field are of interest that are caused by hidden defects. By applying the basic idea of lockin thermography to interferometry, small local discontinuities(More)
Ultrasonic methodologies of air-coupled guided waves, birefringent shear waves, and nonlinear ultrasound are presented and applied to the characterization of aerospace materials. The guided waves generated by air-coupled ultrasound provide non-contact monitoring of in-plane stiffness anisotropy and high-contrast imaging of defects in a single-sided access(More)