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The plasma and tissue kinetics of ibuprofen after topical application of 5% Trauma-Dolgit gel were determined in two bioequivalence studies. In eight patients, high ibuprofen concentrations, largely within the therapeutic range, were found in subcutaneous tissue, tendon, muscles and joint capsule. In plasma, however, very low concentrations (decimal(More)
Since the early eighties, there has been a gradual shift in the focus of development of knowledge based systems away from the rapid prototyping techniques that had previously prevailed, toward more structured methodologies, including model based reasoning and modeling of knowledge domains. The default standard for the development of these systems has become(More)
In an open controlled randomized cross-over study in 16 healthy male and female volunteers the bioavailability of ibuprofen (CAS 15687-27-1) sugar-coated tablets (Dolo-Dolgit) was tested versus film-coated tablets containing ibuprofen 600 mg. As it results from the AUC evaluation, the bioavailability of both preparations is very good and almost identical.(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the pharmacokinetical behaviour of metoclopramide of Gastronetron retard capsules after a single administration to 8 healthy male volunteers. Determinations of the concentration of metoclopramide in the serum were made up to 24 h p.a. The calculation of the serum concentration curves was based on an open 2-compartment(More)
An open trial was carried out in eight healthy male and female volunteers to examine the bioavailability as well as the main kinetic parameters of Migränerton (metoclopramide and paracetamol; CAS 364-64-5 and CAS 103-90-2, resp). in comparison with reliable literature data. The results reported here clearly show that the absorption of both active(More)
The percutaneous penetration of an ibuprofen cream at 5% (Dolgit Creme) was tested in guinea pigs. Already 20 min after application of the cream on the shaved skin high ibuprofen concentrations of about 10 micrograms/g were found in the subcutaneous and in the muscular tissue. The plasma concentrations reached only one tenth of the values ascertained in the(More)
An intraindividual comparative study of the pharmacokinetic properties of metoclopramide, the active principle of Gastronerton, and metoclopramide of a reference drug after one single administration was carried out on 6 male healthy volunteers. Gastronerton was available as ampoules, tablets, solution and capsules; the reference drug as ampoules, tablets(More)
In a within-subject comparative trial in 16 healthy volunteers, the bioequivalence of two sulpiride 200 mg preparations was tested using a model-free method of calculation as well as assuming 2- and 3-compartment models. As to AUC act., AUC inf. and Cmax, the test preparation was shown to be significantly superior. Some other differences were found(More)
The antiphlogistic action, the percutaneous penetrability as well as the systemic and local tolerance of cremes with a different ibuprofen content after epicutaneous administration were examined in the rat, the guinea-pig and the rabbit. The antiphlogistic action was dose-dependently assessed on the carrageenin-induced edema of the rat paw and on(More)