Gerben de Boer

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We have studied the transverse and axial equilibrium positions of dielectric micro-spheres trapped in a single-beam gradient optical trap and exposed to an increasing fluid flow transverse to the trapping beam axis. It is demonstrated that the axial equilibrium position of a trapped micro-sphere is a function of its transverse position in the trapping beam.(More)
Research highlights  Examination of SST and SPM images of the southern North Sea shows pronounced mesoscale variability.  The Rhine ROFI, East-Anglia Plume and a seasonal thermal front dominate SST and SPM signals.  Harmonic analysis highlights pronounced seasonal and spring–neap variability.  Tides and waves control stratification and hence the(More)
There are only a few examples in which beads are employed for heterogeneous assays on microfluidic devices, because of the difficulties associated with packing and handling these in etched microstructures. This contribution describes a microfluidic device that allows the capture, preconcentration, and controlled manipulation of small beads (<6 microm) in(More)
This paper summarizes the ocean surface net energy flux simulated by fifteen atmospheric general circulation models constrained by realistically-varying sea surface temperatures and sea ice as part of the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project. In general, the simulated energy fluxes are within the very large observational uncertainties. However, the(More)
In this master thesis the residual circulation in the North Sea is investigated. It has been shown that the numerical models used in this thesis (DCSMv5 and DCSMv6) give a rather low representation of the actual circulation pattern in the North Sea. The dominating forces which cause residual currents in the North Sea are the tidal forcings, meteorological(More)
We present the optical design and realization of a low-resolution liquid-crystal (LC) Fourier-transform spectrometer (FTS). This FTS is based on a polarization interferometer that has a Wollaston prism made of a LC material as a key component. It has a compact design, a good acceptance angle, and low temperature dependence and can be fabricated with(More)