Gerasimos A. Pangalis

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Lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophilic granulocytes and platelets were each separated to greater than 95% purity from six normal subjects, three patients with Gaucher's disease, two heterozygotes for Gaucher's disease, and one patient with Fabry's disease. Activities of the following acid hydrolases were determined: "acid" (pH 4.0) beta-glucosidase, pH 5.0(More)
Background. Serum free light chains (sFLC), the most commonly detected paraprotein in CLL, were recently proposed as useful tools for the prognostication of CLL patients. Objective. To investigate the prognostic implication of sFLC and the summated FLC-kappa plus FLC-lambda in a CLL patients' series. Patients and Methods. We studied 143 CLL patients of(More)
Granulopoiesis abnormalities have been described in association with thyroid disorders (TD). However, data regarding systematic evaluation of adult neutropenia and concurrent or prior TD are scarce. To investigate the frequency of TD among patients presenting with neutropenia, and the immunophenotypic and immunologic profile of neutropenic patients with(More)
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