Gerardo Vazquez

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Cascade DC-DC power converters have as main advantage the large output-input voltage relation they provide. This advantage makes them ideal in applications such as the conversion of energy generated by means of non conventional sources. The boost converter dynamics is nonlinear and its linearization yields a non-minimum phase system, therefore a controller(More)
This paper presents an electronic ballast based high power LEDs for headlights automobile. The ballast is based on a buck converter to feed a load of high power LED. The load is divided into five high power LED (10W), in automobile lighting systems rapid changes of lighting is required (power changes), therefore the buck converter must deliver constant(More)
Transformerless inverters have change the way to connect a photovoltaic (PV) system to the electrical grid, due to their excellent performance in the energy conversion process. Nowadays, there are many different topologies for this kind of systems, that most have three main characteristics; high efficiency, constant common mode voltage and small size.(More)
This paper presents a comparison between two different passive filters for power converters tied to the grid with the application of active power injection. It addresses the L (inductive) filter and the LCL (inductive-capacitive-inductive) filter in single-phase power converters for which are presented the parameter design and modeling. These filters(More)
This paper presents the modeling and controller design for a neutral point clamped multilevel converter (NPC) which is used to inject power into the grid. The current injection to the grid is motivated by two main goals. One of them consists in using the inverter to provide power to the network; in this case the energy is taken from an external source and(More)
This paper presents a self-oscillating electronic ballast for a 36 W LED string. The design consists of a simple control that reduces the component number and cost of the ballast. Self-oscillating converters are popular in compact fluorescent lamps; therefore, it is proposed the use of this self-oscillating control technique for the LED lamp. The(More)
This paper presented a comparative study in function reliability between dc-dc converters used in power LED. Between dc-dc converters more used to power LED are the Buck and Flyback converter, because the Buck provides a lower output voltage than the input, and in the case of flyback has galvanic isolation. The study has objetive to determine the(More)
This paper presents a modulation strategy for a neutral point clamped multilevel converter (NPC) used as transformerless inverter in a grid-connected applications. The selected topology is used with an output L filter to inject active power to the grid. The proposed modulation strategy is based in the conventional sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM)(More)
This paper presents a control law for single-phase power converters, coupled to the grid by means of an L filter, aimed at active power injection. This control law makes use of an estimation scheme which obtains estimations of the filter parameters in order to cope with the compensation of time-periodic signals arising in the error average model and with(More)
In this paper is presented a model based current controller for a Single Phase Power Factor Compensator (PFC). The proposed controller is based a description of the average model of the system. This control scheme is designed in two loops, namely the inner control loop or current loop and the outer loop or voltage loop. The first loop is aimed at(More)