Gerardo Trevino

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A controlled trial was carried out in 209 primary cadaveric renal transplants to compare the effects of cyclosporine and steroids (double therapy) with those of cyclosporine in lower initial dose, azathioprine, and steroids (triple therapy). Patients have been followed 1-36 months since transplantation. Actuarial two-year graft survival (double 74%, triple(More)
Decreased GABA function in the hypothalamus increases mean arterial pressure (MAP) and heart rate (HR). Since ethanol acts on GABA-A receptors, blocking GABA-A receptors can prevent a decrease of MAP and HR by ethanol in the lateral hypothalamus (LH). Ethanol at 5-30 mM, with or without 25 ng/microl bicuculline, was infused into the LH, and the activity of(More)
The efficacy of three immunization methods for bovine anaplasmosis was tested on 88 yearling Normandy cattle which were challenge-exposed under field conditions in an enzootic zone in Colombia, South American. A total of 30 cattle were immunized (premunized) with a presumed mild Colombian isolate of Anaplasma marginale; 29 calves were vaccinated with an(More)