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T his paper proposes and tests variants of GRASP (greedy randomized adaptive search procedure) with path relinking for the three-index assignment problem (AP3). GRASP is a multistart metaheuristic for combinato-rial optimization. It usually consists of a construction procedure based on a greedy randomized algorithm and of a local search. Path relinking is(More)
In recent years it has been made more and more clear that the critical issue in gradient methods is the choice of the step length, whereas using the gradient as search direction may lead to very effective algorithms , whose surprising behaviour has been only partially explained, mostly in terms of the spectrum of the Hessian matrix. On the other hand, the(More)
We present a modification of the DIRECT (DIviding RECTangles) algorithm, called DIRECT-G, to solve a box-constrained global optimization problem arising in the detection of gravitational waves emitted by coalescing binary systems of compact objects. This is a hard problem, since the objective function is highly nonlinear and expensive to evaluate, has a(More)
Measurements of anatomical parameters of wood are of great interest both for eco-physiological purposes and for technological applications. The aim of this paper is to describe a new method for classifying and measuring cell lumen of xylem, analysing cross sections under the light microscope. The proposed method is based on the application of digital image(More)