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In this paper we develop an algorithm for solving the reach-ability problem of two-dimensional piece-wise rectangular differential inclusions . Our procedure is not based on the computation of the reach-set but rather on the computation of the limit of individual trajectories. A key idea is the use of one-dimensional affine Poincaré maps for which we can(More)
In this work we are concerned with the formal verification of two-dimensional non-deterministic hybrid systems, namely polygonal differential inclusion systems (SPDIs). SPDIs are a class of nondeterministic systems that correspond to piece-wise constant differential inclusions on the plane, for which we study the reachability problem. Our contribution is(More)
We revisited decidability of the reachability problem for low dimensional hybrid systems. Even though many attempts have been done to draw the boundary between decidable and undecidable hybrid systems there are still many open problems in between. In this paper we show that the reachability question for some two dimensional hybrid systems are undecidable(More)
Polygonal hybrid systems are a subclass of planar hybrid automata which can be represented by piecewise constant differential inclusions. Here, we study the problem of defining and constructing the phase portrait of such systems. We identify various important elements of it, such as viability and controllability kernels, and propose an algorithm for(More)
—The use of runtime verification, as a lightweight approach to guarantee properties of systems, has been increasingly employed on real-life software. In this paper, we present the tool LARVA, for the runtime verification of properties of Java programs, including real-time properties. Properties can be expressed in a number of notations, including(More)
Given the intractability of exhaustively verifying software, the use of runtime-verification, to verify single execution paths at run-time, is becoming popular. Although the use of runtime verification is increasing in industrial settings, various challenges still are to be faced to enable it to spread further. We present dynamic communicating au-tomata(More)