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BACKGROUND Keratins are members of a diverse group of tissue-specific cytoskeletal components known as intermediate filaments. Regulation of the structure and intracellular distribution of intermediate filaments is known to be related to the phosphorylation state of their structural subunits. It also is known that disruption of the keratin filaments of(More)
Severe reactions due to vancomycin are uncommon. We describe a case of vancomycin-induced linear immunoglobulin A bullous disease and review the literature pertinent to this entity. This is a rare subepidermal blistering disorder, with a heterogenous clinical presentation. It is characterized by IgA deposition in a linear pattern along the basement membrane(More)
This study explored the effectiveness of biologic markers in alcoholism where correct diagnosis does not result from relatively simple inspection. After review of the use of individual biologic markers and their limitations, data is presented from a multivariate analysis of 351 young healthy male alcoholics and 339 nonalcoholic male patients in which an(More)
Data collected over time from an abstaining young alcoholic population were analyzed together with data from a nonalcoholic population, which served as a reference group. The laboratory tests of the abstaining alcoholics were measured at baseline (zero weeks), three weeks, and six weeks, while those of the nonalcoholic group were measured once, at baseline.(More)
A diagnostic aid using routinely available blood chemistry batteries is being developed which shows promise for use in identification of individuals with drinking problems as well as in individuals having alcoholic and nonalcoholic liver disease. A statistically complex form of pattern recognition known as quadratic discriminant analysis is performed on(More)
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