Gerardo N Morfini

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In the present study, we present evidence about the cellular functions of KIF2, a kinesin-like superfamily member having a unique structure in that its motor domain is localized at the center of the molecule (Noda Y., Y. Sato-Yoshitake, S. Kondo, M. Nangaku, and N. Hirokawa. 1995. J. Cell Biol. 129:157-167.). Using subcellular fractionation techniques,(More)
Exocytotic incorporation of plasmalemmal precursor vesicles (PPVs) into the cell surface is necessary for neurite extension and is known to occur mainly at the growth cone. This report examines whether this is a regulated event controlled by growth factors. The Golgi complex and nascent PPVs of hippocampal neurons in culture were pulse-labeled with(More)
In general, virus infections of the brain are rather rare in the immune competent host. However, neurotropic viruses have developed mechanisms to exploit weaknesses in immunological defense mechanisms that eventually allow them to reach and infect CNS neurons. Once in the CNS, these viruses can induce significant neuronal dysfunction and degeneration of(More)
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