Gerardo Marcos Tornez-Xavier

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In this manuscript we present the implementation in FPGA of ANFIS system (Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference Systems) for a two-input architecture with three membership functions per input and nine fuzzy rules, used to set up a photovoltaic panel emulator. The starting point is the photovoltaic panel electric analog model simulated with ELDO, a tool of(More)
In this manuscript we present the implementation of an artificial neural network type Multilayer Perceptron (ANN-MP or NNMP) in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), including Back-Propagation training method based on descendent gradient. This network has 2 reconfigurable hidden layers, adjustable parameters (epochs and ratio learning) and batch learning.(More)
This work describes the development and FPGA implementation of a solar panel emulator. First we created the electric analog model of the solar panel using the Mentor Graphics framework, using the irradiance and temperature variables of a meteorological database as input signals and then obtaining the short circuit current and the open circuit voltage(More)
This work presents an optimized version in FPGA technology of a digital system, which solves in real time the Blind Source Separation problem using the Independent Component Analysis, ICA algorithm and following the Maximum Information technique, INFOMAX. To demonstrate the FPGA realization, we use a mix of three sinusoidal signals, which represents three(More)
In this work we present the realization of a hybrid model (hardware-software) for memristors based on the nonlinear dopant model for three window functions: Strukov, Joglekar and Prodromakis. Proposing a methodology that allows us to design nonlinear analog circuits with memristors in an easier and faster way using the tools of Simulink, Simscape and System(More)
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