Gerardo León

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Heavy metals removal/recovery from industrial wastewater has become a prime concern for both economic and environmental reasons. This paper describes a comparative kinetic study of the removal/recovery of copper(II) from aqueous solutions by bulk liquid membrane using two types of coupled facilitated transport mechanisms and three carriers of different(More)
The presence of heavy metals in aqueous solutions above certain limits represents a serious threat to the environment due to their toxicity and non-degradability. Thus, the removal of these metals from contaminated waters has received increasing attention during recent decades. This paper describes the removal of Cu(II) from aqueous solutions by emulsion(More)
  • Olmos, Jorge-Botana, G León, Escudero
  • 2013
This research has three main objectives: (1) following the procedure for interpreting LSA space dimensions (Hu, et al, 2005), we implement a change of basis, from the original canonical basis into a basis whose vectors are real terms; (2) we show that a simple change of basis alone is not enough for this purpose; and (3) we present Gram-Schmitdt(More)
 Engineers are involved in the implementation, application, operation, design and management of projects and processes, changing the type of work with the specific engineering field. The world in which engineers operates at the beginning of this century, is characterised by the diverse, profound and incessant changes occurring in technology, natural(More)
 Engineering can be considered as a broad discipline that embraces knowledge and training in science, mathematics, business and management, social science and computer technology. A wide range of skills can be defined as necessary to an actual engineer. Among them, technical knowledge skills and intellectual skills play a very important role. The teaching(More)
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