Gerardo López-Pérez

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A case is presented of a 7-yr-old boy with left hemithyroid agenesis associated with cervical thymic cyst. No left parathyroid glands were found. The diagnosis was established after surgical excision and histologic examination. Clinical and embryological implications of this condition are briefly discussed. No similar case has been found in the literature.
The present report refers to a child hospitalized because of nonspecific symptomatology, who was found to have aneurysms of both hepatic arteries. A year after simple proximal ligature of both hepatic arteries, the child remains symptom-free and developing normally. Proximal ligation appears to be a simple and effective technique for treating hepatic artery(More)
BACKGROUND The need for a national guideline, with a broad basis among specialists and primary care physicians was felt in Mexico, to try unifying asthma management. As several high-quality asthma guidelines exist worldwide, it was decided to select the best three for transculturation. METHODS Following the internationally recommended methodology for(More)
Intestinal obstruction due to milk curds syndrome may present with a clinical picture and radiological findings which suggest the correct diagnosis. This type of intestinal obstruction usually affects neonates, previously healthy, with concentrated formula feeding. Surgical treatment may be avoided in some cases by the administration of Gastrografin enemas.(More)
A three-year-old boy who presented with symptoms of peritonitis was found to have four Wilms' tumors affecting both kidneys. Individual enucleation of three tumors in the right kidney plus left lower nephrectomy were performed. Chemotherapy was administered for one year. The diagnosis of Wilms' tumor was confirmed on each specimen by the histologic studies.(More)
A reflux-preventing valve was obtained by invaginating a 3.5 to 4.5 cm segment of small bowel into the distal lumen, after removing the seromuscular layers at both ends of the segment of bowel. Antiperistaltic pressure resistance, measured at regular intervals during 6 months, showed valves with competence equal or superior to the ileocecal valve. The blood(More)
INTRODUCTION Fragile X syndrome, which is produced by mutation of a gene in the X chromosome, is the most frequent cause of hereditary mental retardation. The multisystemic alterations of the disorder are due to the inhibition of the expression of the FMR1 gene and to the lack or absence of FMRP protein. Mental retardation and autistic spectrum constitute(More)
Forty patients with esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula were operated upon during a period of 2 years, 39 of them with the end-to-side anastomosis technique. According to Waterston's classification, the survival rate was 91 percent for Group A (11 patients), 60 percent for Group B (15 patients), and 14 percent for Group C (14 patients). A(More)
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