Gerardo Gustavo Liljesthröm

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Neoseiulus californicus (McGregor) is a promising agent for successful Tetranychus urticae Koch control through conservation techniques, in strawberry crops in La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). In(More)
Trissolcus basalis has been used as a biological control agent of its main host, Nezara viridula, in many countries. However, estimations of its functional and numerical responses in the field are(More)
We evaluated the potential of Mesocyclops annulatus as a control agent of Aedes aegypti in La Plata city (Argentina). Mosquito larval survivorship due to predation by these copepods was estimated at(More)
Parasitoid's performance is subject to parasitism decisions influenced by host quality and parasitoid's age. We evaluated parasitism, emergence, and the progeny sex ratio proportions of Telenomus(More)
Delphacodes kuscheli establish mutualistic relationship with yeast-like symbionts (YLS) that live in the fat body and are necessary for host survival and reproduction. We estimated for a host of age(More)