Gerardo Fernandez Escribano

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Machine learning has been widely used in video analysis and search applications. In this paper, we describe a non-traditional use of machine learning in video processing - video encoding and transcoding. Video encoding and transcoding are computationally intensive processes and this complexity is increasing significantly with new compression standards such(More)
Wyner-Ziv (WZ) coding has been receiving attention from the research community as it offers a more symmetric complexity in video communication by reducing the complexity of video encoding. This encoding paradigm, however, increases the complexity of video decoding. This paper presents a novel video communication architecture that exploits the low complexity(More)
Nowadays, mobile devices demand multimedia services such as video communications due to the advances in mobile communications systems (such us 4G) and the integration of video cameras into mobile devices. However, these devices have some limitations of computing power, resources and complexity constraints for performing complex algorithms. For this reason,(More)
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