Gerardo E Bozovich

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BACKGROUND There is serological evidence for an association between Chlamydia pneumoniae and coronary heart disease. We investigated the hypothesis that an antichlamydial macrolide antibiotic, roxithromycin, can prevent or reduce recurrent major ischaemic events in patients with unstable angina. METHODS The effect of roxithromycin was assessed in a(More)
BACKGROUND Natural disasters, war, and terrorist attacks, have been linked to cardiac mortality. We sought to investigate whether a major financial crisis may impact on the medical management and outcomes of acute coronary syndromes. METHODS We analyzed the Argentine cohort of the international multicenter Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events (GRACE).(More)
BACKGROUND Information regarding predisposing factors, frequency, and prognostic implications of new onset atrial fibrillation (NOAF) after carotid endarterectomy (CEA) is scarce. We assessed the frequency, risk factors, and the prognostic impact of NOAF after CEA. METHODS We assessed every patient undergoing CEA (n = 186) at our academic hospital between(More)
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