Gerardo Castañón

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The placement of wavelength converters in an arbitrary mesh network is known to belong to the class of NP-complete problems. So far, this problem has been solved by heuristic strategies or by the application of optimization tools such as genetic algorithms (GAs). In this paper we introduce the application of Differential Evolution (DE) to the problem of the(More)
Flexible optical network (FON) architectures are considered a very promising solution where spectrum resources are allocated within flexible frequency grids. Routing and spectrum allocation (RSA) in FON is an NP-complete problem. So far, this problem has been optimally solved for small instances with integer linear programming and has been suboptimally(More)
This paper presents the research work involved in the development of a knowledge-based framework for the design of millimeter-wave 60 GHz radio over fiber (RoF) land networks. It combines object-oriented, rule-based, technical information, and procedural functions to support engineers in the conceptual and preliminary design of a network. The overall(More)
In IP-over-wavelength division multiplexing networks, a virtual topology is placed over the physical topology of the optical network. Given that a simple link failure or a node failure on the physical topology can cause a significant loss of information, an important challenge is to make the routing of the virtual topology on to the physical topology(More)
—In recent years considerable attention has been devoted to the merging of radio frequency and optical fiber technologies aiming to the distribution of millimeter-wave (mm-wave) signals. This effort has given birth to the field of Radio over Fiber (RoF) technologies and systems. This sort of systems have a great potential to support secure, cost-effective,(More)
The routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem, known to be an NP-complete problem, seeks to optimally establish routes and adequate wavelengths for the requested connections according to an objective function. This paper presents the use of a novel approach based on a differential evolution (DE) algorithm to the RWA problem in wavelength-routed dense(More)