Gerardo Casas

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Long-term and seasonal dynamics of zooplankton abundance and taxonomic composition and its relationship with meteo-climatic and hydrographic factors were investigated on the northwest Iberian shelf. Zooplankton were collected monthly (1995–2011) at two locations within and off the Rı́a of Vigo (Station 1 and Station 3, respectively). Total abundance of(More)
In the present work, a complete numerical analysis of the influence of deep-trap levels on the dark current of silicon PIN photodiodes under 1 MeV neutron radiation was done. Results corroborate that energy levels near the mid-gap affect to a great extent the dark current. Radiation tolerances of undoped and gold-doped devices were compared through(More)
A theoretical study of the electrical performance of p-on-n GaAs sub-cells under AM0, irradiated with 1 MeV electrons, has been carried out by means of computer simulation. Effects of both base and emitter carrier concentration upon radiation resistance of these devices have been researched. From analysis it is possible to determine the highest electron(More)
The mesozooplankton community at the north-western Iberian shelf break was studied among adjacent oceanographic regimes (including upwelling, stratification and anticyclonic eddies) during 17 days in autumn 2009. Zooplankton sampling locations were determined in situ, after identifying the oceanographic regimes from CTD profiles performed over the(More)
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