Gerardo Alzamora

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Grinding mill drives play an important role in the mining industry. Almost 60% of the electrical energy consumed by modern concentrator plants goes to grinding mill drives. Different technologies are used in grinding systems presenting special characteristics from the electrical and process points of view. This paper presents a technical evaluation and(More)
This paper presents a very new drive system used to transport ore from the mine down to the concentrator plant in the copper mine Los Pelambres. Eight 2500 kW motors are driven by three-level inverters with GTOs. A three-level active front end (AFE) is used at the input side of each inverter. A GTO chopper is used to provide controlled electrical braking in(More)
This paper presents the application of high-power three-level active-front-end rectifiers to regenerate energy in a downhill conveyor system. The selective harmonic elimination method is used to eliminate harmonics 11 and 13, working with very low switching frequency, where six-pulse harmonic orders 6 1 are eliminated by the delta–wye connection of the(More)
A digital computer control system is proposed for improving the stability of the weld pool shape in MIG (metal inert gas) welding. The authors deal with an application of adaptive control and image processing to a welding robot. In a welding system, the parameters vary because the base metal thickness changes during the operation. To obtain the desirable(More)
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