Gerardo A. López

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Recently, a new approach to multiple removal has been introduced: estimation of primaries by sparse inversion (EPSI). Although based on the same relationship between primaries and multiples as surface-related multiple elimination (SRME), it involves quite a different process: instead of prediction and subtraction of multiples, in EPSI the unknown primaries(More)
As a coherent ultrasonic wave propagates through biological tissue, it is attenuated due to absorption and scattering. Absorption results from the irreversible conversion of acoustic energy to local heat, and it is the primary mode of attenuation in tissue. Ultrasound ability to interact with tissue to produce local heating has been known for a long time(More)
This paper discusses the development of a software capable of extracting geometrical properties of sugar crystals, using artificial vision tools available in MatLab, which provides a more accessible and easier option to develop the quality control processes in sugar mills.
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