Gerardo A. Guerra

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A person is said to be `trust responsive' if she fulfils trust because she believes the truster trusts her. The experiment we report was designed to test for trust responsiveness and its robustness across payoff structures, and to discriminate it from other possible factors making for trustworthiness, including perceived kindness, perceived need, and(More)
This prospective single-blind study monitored the progress and outcome of 18 hospitalized asthmatic patients on intravenous corticosteroids by daily peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) measurements to determine whether daily flow monitoring was useful as a guide for predicting response to therapy over the short- and long-term course posthospitalization. Daily(More)
* This paper has been jointly prepared for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) by the BREB and OII of the University of Oxford. The lead role was taken by Gerardo A. Guerra, who wrote the first draft. The final version was revised and edited by William Dutton and Malcolm Peltu, based on input from Ann Carblanc, Graham Vickery,(More)
This paper shows that a monopolistic certifying party can have incentives to disclose revealing information about the agent he is certifying. Using a three-person gametheoretic model and allowing certificate users (buyers) to have noisy estimates of the quality level of the agent being certified (seller), a disclosure in the form of ordered ranking of(More)
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