Gerardo A. Castañón

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—We discuss the introduction/implementation of optical IP routers, then we introduce a novel scheduling algorithm incorporating void filling and aimed at optical routing of asyn-chronous, variable packet length packets. We describe its structure and discuss the complexity issues. Albeit introduced with the purpose of cancelling the expensive optical(More)
—While transparent WDM optical networks become more and more popular as the basis of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) infrastructure, such networks raise many unique security issues. The existing protection schemes which only consider unintended failures and only rely on postmortem detection and reaction are not sufficient to provide security assurance(More)
A high-speed optical packet switching node using the WDM all optical switch structure is studied in this paper. Tele-traac performance of an optical IP packet router is simulated under the self-similar bursty traac condition. Four diierent control algorithms are investigated for the performance and complexity. A simple round-robin algorithm cannot attain an(More)
The performance of packet-switching wavelength routed optical networks critically depends on packet contentions at the intermediate routers. This paper shows through simulations that de¯ection routing is an e€ective technique for packet-switching wavelength routed optical networks with irregular meshed topologies. It is shown that multiple path routing(More)
The transmission performance of regular two-connected multi-hop transparent optical networks in uniform traffic under hot-potato, single-buffer deflection routing schemes is presented. Manhattan Street (MS) Network and ShuffleNet (SN) are compared in terms of bit error rate (BER) and packet error rate (PER) both analytically and by simulation. We implement(More)
A detailed analytical traffic model for all-optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) pho-tonic packet switched networks is presented and the requirements for buffer size, and link dimensions are analyzed. This paper shows that due to the topology, packets may generate traffic bottlenecks produced by a tendency of the routing scheme to send packets(More)
EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS • Analysis experience in 40 Gb/s and ultra high bit-rate lightwave systems. Understanding of modulation formats, dispersion compensation schemes and enabling technologies for next generation transmission systems. • Experience in Teletraffic/Transmission performance of high-speed optical cross-connected networks, packet
their freindly and useful discussion. My special thank goes to my colleague, An Ge, who is with me throughout my gradute studies and my best friend, Youngjae Nam. It is my pleasure to acknowledge my friends Dr. and companionship were an essential ingredient in this dissertation. It would not bepossible to go through all the hard times without the continuous(More)
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